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Jan 2024 - Diana Marcela Valencia defended her undergraduate thesis "Caracterización fenotípica de la coloración floral y evolución de los genes promotores y represores relacionados con la biosíntesis de antocianinas en Epidendrum fimbriatum (Orchidaceae)" . We wish her all the best in her next steps as a Biologist! Wrapping up her publication soon! 


Jan 2024 - Bye Laura! We are sad that you are leaving back to Universidad de Sucre (Sincelejo) but are very proud of your results during your time here in Medellín. For her bachelors degree Laura cloned out and tested the expression pof MYB R2R3 genes from Subgroup 4 in Aristolochia fimbriata. These genes are  important for negatively downregulating anthocyanins. Laura has the most interesting results which will be submitted for puiblication soon. 


Jun 2024 - A total of 12 abstracts have been submitted from our lab to the next IBC 2024 in Madrid (Spain). More info here  We are also organizing a simposium titled: "EVOLUTION OF KEY INNOVATIONS IN LAND PLANTS REVEALED THROUGH THE LENS OF EVODEVO"... Venga! Alla nos vemos!


Dec 2023 - We welcome Luis Fernando and Santiago to our Plant Evo- Devo lab. Luis Fernando will be identifying floral MADS box genes in Dalea cuatrecasasii. Santiago will be assessing the role of FUL-like genes in Cestrum nocturnum, a Solanaceae with fleshy fruits outside subfamily Solanoideae. Checkout the link of undergraduate students for more info.

Dec 2023- Angie Daniela Gonzalez defended her PhD dissertation (Cum Laude) on genes involved in embryonic patterning and maintenance of primary meristems in the highly reduced endo-holoparasitic plant Pilostyles boyacensis (Apodanthaceae). Congrats Dr Angie! Stay tuned for her publications. 

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Nov 2023- A sample from our invited speakers. Amazing researchers in Colombia and Colombians (Dr Ricardo Mallarino, Princeton University; and Dr Anyi Mazo-Vargas, Duke University) that have suceeded at setting up their labs abroad. Our friends Chris Amemiya (UC La Merced), Maria Angela Nieto (Instituto de Neurociencias UMH), Cristina Ferrandiz and Francisco Madueño (IBMCP, Universitat Politécnica de Valencia) also joined the meeting with their fantastic research. Thank you ICETEX!


Nov 2023- The II Colombian Developmental Biology Congress was held by the Evo Devo and the GRC groups at Universidad de Antioquia. We had over 100 attendants and wonderful conferences in animal and plant development. Next Congress will be in 2025 in Cali!


Nov 2023- Courses (CRISPR and genomics/transcriptomics) associated with the II Colombian Developmental Biology Congress were well attended. We thank the professors who taught these courses for free! Congrats to all the participants!

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Oct 2023 - Drs. Cristina Ferrandiz and Francisco Madueño from the IBMCP, Universitat Politecnica de Valencia visited our lab. Thanks to EvoFruLand they shared a wonderful time with our faculty and students at UdeA. Stay tuned for the 63623529 new projects we have discussed. Finally, Cris & Paco come back anytime!

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