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June 2022 - Yesenia Madrigal is presenting at Evolution 2022. Dont miss out her talk on the mechanisms behind orchid flowering ! Link here; 

June 2022 - Natalia Pabon Mora presented at Euro Evo Devo (EED) in Napoli on the fruit dehiscence zone in the poppy family (Papaveraceae). Also exciting is the Ranunculales Network that has begun at this meeting with fun collaborations to come. 


June 2022 - Favio González presented the virtual conference  "Las Aristoloquias de la Expedición Botánica" as part of the celebration for Mutis´s expedition seminar series organized by the Jardin Botanico de Medellin . Link here: 


May 2022 - We welcome Estefania, Luis Miguel and Valentina to our Plant Evo- Devo lab. They will be doing their undergraduate dissertations in color evolution in Apodanthaceae, expression studies in fern gametophytes and floral and fruit anatomy in Loranthaceae.

May 2022 - Natalia was nominated for a Fulbright! She will be joining the Kramer lab @ Harvard University for 6 months to study gene expression in the incredible Pilostyles-Dalea system. That will be in 2023 Jan-June. 

Foto Natalia Pabon Mora.jpg

May 2022 - Sebastian Martinez-Salazar is in a research exchange in Valencia (Spain) with Dr. Cristina Ferrandiz. Here a pic of Sebastian, Ludo and Clarita exploring Valencia´s wilderness.

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-16 at 8.39.04 AM.jpeg

May 2022 - All manuscripts from Carolina´s Masters on LEAFY and PEBP gene evolution in ferns and lycophytes have been published:

1)  Evo Devo 

2)  IJPS 

LEAFY caro.tif

2021 New papers alert! - We finished 2021 with 3 new articles from our BSc and MSc students. Check out our reserach on flowering integrators in orchids (congrats Jessica!) , genetics of spur development in Tropaeolum (great work Sebastian!) and fruit anatomy in Rubiaceae (Bravo Hector!). 

SVP AGL24 paper.tif
Tropeaolum paper.tif
Rubi paper.tif

May 2021 - PI Natalia Pabón-Mora has been promoted to full professor (tenured) at the Instituto de Biología , Universidad de Antioquia.

Carolina Rodriguez Pelayo defended her master´s thesis on Phylogenetic studies and expression patterns of LEAFY and PEBP genes in lycophytes and ferns. Advisor: Natalia Pabon Mora. Featuring in the advisory committee: Dr. Alejandra Vasco (BRIT) and Dr. Barbara Ambrose (NYBG)

May 2021 - Carolina´s virtual defense was ferntastic!

caro defense.tif

Our research on the evolution of R2R3 MYB genes in the Aristolochiaceae has been accepted in Frontiers in Plant Science. Lear about floral color in early divergent magnoliids with really cool flowers here: We wish the first author Sarita Muñoz-Gomez a good transition to graduate school. 


April 2021 - New Publications!


Our research on the genes involved in trichome development in Aristolochia fimbriata is now published in Annals of Botany. Congrats to Harold Suarez Barón for an amazing job. Also happy to colaborate with Dr Soraya Pelaz and Dr Barbara Ambrose. If you want to see the full manuscript see here:

Ann Bot harold.tif

March 26 2021 - Participation in The Sol Meetings

We had a good time sharing our research on Solanaceae fruits last March in the Sol meetings.  Thank you Rocio DeAnna and Andres Orejuela for the invitations. See recorded talks here:

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